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December 10th, 2017 It was 4 days since I was out for winter break from the University of Scranton (sophomore year), and I was at santacon with my friends and I had to leave early because I got an awful migraine. So I get home from the city and nothing helped the migraine, sleeping eating nothing my parents took me to the hospital the next day and I got a cat-scan and everything looked okay, they sent me home with some painkiller which eased the headache that was all, except the headache never went away. Finally I went to a new neurologist and this doctor was awful. He did a brief exam and concluded that I just had a migraine, gave me some headache medicine and put me back on topamax believing that once this migraine broke that the topamax will kick in and I will be headache free.... well it never fully broke. Now it is New years eve and it finally broke (thank god) and I am able to go out with my friends, and then January 4th the margarine come back, but now i am bedridden, I can not get up, can not eat anything, can not t go to bathroom, my back hurts and i have having tingling feelings in my feet.. my parents are taking me to every doctors possible to see what is wrong, yet my neurologist still believes it is just a migraine that needs to break and there is no need for an MRI. Finally January 31 a week before I am supposed to go back to school for my spring semester my Dad convinced this neurologist that I should get an MRI as something has to be wrong, and we see that there are lesions in my brain, where we are then sent to MS center at St. Barnabas where we also see I have lesions in my spine. I was put on a high dosage of Solu-Medrol while being back at school and now


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