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Hello, everyone calls me Sammi, so please do. My MS story started years ago as it does for many of us, and like many of us, I had no idea what was going on with me. I just knew that I didn't feel right and seemed to get fatigued so much easier and much more frequently than what is normal, and I had all kinds of little ticks, muscle spasms, pains, forgetfulness, etc., that i just associated with aging or stress or being out of shape possibly, although I was only in my mid 30's. I am 41 now (2013), and was tentatively, and quite by accident, diagnosed with Possible MS in September of 2011, after a lesion on my spinal cord (at T2) was found and then a lesion on my brain in the left frontal lobe was found. I had an MRI done on my upper back & neck because of previous issues with my spine and neck had seemed to have gotten worse due to an increase in my neck pain and a huge change and large amount of burning pain in my upper back, which was also accompanied by numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg. The MRI of my neck & upper back showed a lesion on my spinal cord at T2, so my Dr. then ordered a second MRI of the same area w/contrast and also MRI's of my brain w/ & w/o contrast, which showed the lesion in my brain. At that point I was told by my primary doctor (family physician who had ordered the MRI's), that it was probable that I have MS, and that I need to see a neurologist, preferably one that specializes in MS and other central nervous system disorders and diseases. Shortly after that circumstances changed and I no longer had medical coverage and no prescription coverage. Because of that, I have not been able to see a neurologist yet. :( So, I basically put myself through some Internet schooling about MS, what it is exactly, what it is does or can do, what things are best to avoid if possible, what to possibly expect in the future, what kind of diet is best for MS, what natural supplements can help, etc., etc.. So, basically, I have no medical help for my MS, but I do the best I can to eat right, reduce stress, stay away from hot showers, hot tubs, and extreme heat outdoors & indoors, and I try to stay active and go for walks frequently, (inside the nearest Mall when the weather is not right for me). I also take a B Complex supplement and Omega 3 supplement. Because of my other issues with my spine itself, I do have prescription muscle relaxers and a pain medication, so those are helpful. I have a wonderful pain management doctor that accepts my self-pay situation (no insurance) and works with me on that, and I get my prescriptions at well known discount store that has most prescriptions for $4.00, so that helps. I am interested in making supportive connections so that I can be if support for others and also receive support when needed, and I'm interested in any information about homeopathic healing, helpful exercises and diet choices, ways to reduce stress, things like that. I also hope to be able to get more medical insight or new information in the medical community about MS, and if at all possible, I hope to be able to find a neurologist that can help me on a self-pay basis and or pro-bono. I don't know for a fact which type of MS I have, so I need to find that out.. I believe that I have the Relapsing/Remitting type though so far. I also do not know for sure how long I have had it. Well, that's my MS story in a nut shell! I hope to help others as much as I hope to get help, and I wish you a blessed day!


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS
First experienced symptoms2008
First Diagnosed 2011
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Vision Problems, Dizziness and Vertigo, Sexual Dysfunction, Pain, Cognitive Dysfunction, Emotional Changes, Depression, Spasticity, Swallowing Problems, Headache, Tremor
Treatments Diet, Exercise, Meditation, I reduce stress in any way that i can, i take Omega 3 and B complex supplements, i stay away from hot weather, spouse massages muscles and I do stretching exercises and take frequent walks & stay active as much as possible.


Living Well with MS Caregiver Support, Emotional support, Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Healthcare, Mobility and accessibility
Getting Involved Advocacy
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsSpending time with my hubby, going for walks outside when possible, I love to write (poems, songs, blogs, articles, working on a creative non-fiction book), i love to watch movies, and I love music, live the outdoors and animals,

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