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Stachybotrys Chartarum "Toxic Mold" It all started in July of 2003. I was living in a house very close to the water. That year it rained so much that my dirt basement started getting flooded. I tried in vane to get the water out. All my attempts failed.The house was literary on the water and upon waking one morning I looked out at the lake and saw my footprints on the floor. It was then I noticed that a greenish black mold engulfed all my belongings. My books, leather items and pretty much everything it could land on, there it was.I was feeling tired, lethargic and my thinking was so messed up that people thought I had started drinking again.( I quick drinking Alcohol in Dec. 2002.) I then started obsessing about the mold and trying desperately to get rid of it only to make myself feel worst. I looked up MS health problems from mold just thinking there was a connection. Little did I know that Stachybotrys Chartarum was;The Toxic Mold! I knew I had to get out of the house as it was killing me.I told the landlord and he said that mold was everywhere and that I should live with it. Then in November of 2003 I didn't start the furnace and covered all the air ducts so the spores could not spread in the space I was still living. My landlord sent me a registered letter stating that I either turn on the heat or I was to be evicted. So a friend of mine was able to get me into a beautiful apartment. I started feeling much better. Most of the issues I was having were gone. So for the next 3 years I was fine never thinking I had MS or anything like that. Then in 2006 I went for my MRI. (In 1999 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland and had an MRI 2 times a year for about 4 years and put on medication which kept the tumor from growing.) So my last MRI before 2006 was April of 2003. The tumor was still the same size. Then in 2006 my Endocrinologist made me go for an MRI seeing it had been 3 years since my last MRI because he was unwilling to give me my medication. Ok so no big deal I said. Well I was WRONG. The MRI came back with 12 lesions on my brain. So I then saw a Neurologist. He said it was either mini strokes or MS. I thought for sure they were mini strokes, runs in my family. So to make sure, I went for a spinal tap. The Doc called me on Dec 24, 2003 and said he wanted to see me right away. I said whatever it is tell me. I;ll deal with it. So he said he was sorry but the spinal tap revealed that I did indeed have MS. Then my life changed forever. I was all alone and looked up MS on my pc. I cried. Not me, I am healthy. I was angry and they are wrong! Then I keyed in MS and Mold! YES MOLD! I now knew how I got MS. I believe that people with poor immune systems are more likely to get MS then those who have healthy ones. I have been studying this and there is so much more information out there. Look up mold and MS and see if you could have contracted MS because of Mold. I have so much more to tell about my story but not now. Right now I am here because I want to tell everyone with MS or living in a toxic mold house to get out. It is killing you! I know, it happened to me. I never looked liked I had or have MS and still don't. Recently I started having memory problems and emotional issues. The lesion on my right frontal lobe right is for memory and another one on emotions. I have been meeting more and more people like me and I am here to relate to all of us that have MS. After all we have a common bond, MS!


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