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Last year, 2014 I was just about to finish high school and for my final year of high school I was doing running start at the local college, Central Washington University. It started around the end of March to around the beginning of April where my leg, and I cannot remember which leg, started to be asleep constantly. Finally I decided to go the doctor on April 25th and they did some tests and they had me take an Mir just to make sure everything was okay. A few hours later I got a call to come back as soon as I can from my parents to see the results. That's when I found out my brain was not okay. The next day I had to go to Virginia Mason for a lot more tests until the singled out being that I had MS. Less than a week later I had an episode where I could not talk for almost an hour. I realize I was getting worse quickly. So throughout last year, I started on one medication and had to go to a stronger medication because I was getting worse of the first. So much has changed in the last year. I have to do online school because I lost the strength in my legs and I have balancing problems. I have more problems that I have stated in the symptoms, but it is very hard to get past that so many things have changed. I still have trouble concentrating and being hoe I use to be mentally. This is not the path I thought I would be on right now. It is something that I have to get past that I am in this state and that things can get better, but there are times where I cannot get past it. I am glad to have found this site and I hope that being on here will help me.

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