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I have been dealing with episodes of vision and balance issues along with debilitating exhaustion that started when I was a teenager. Those episodes didn't happen as often back then, but over the years they have become more frequent and intense. Now I feel almost constant strange sensations in and on my body. I finally found a compassionate doctor who actually listened to me. She referred me to a neurologist and they both suspected MS. However, my MRI of the brain was clear, which has been four years ago now. I gave up trying more tests for MS when my neurologist seemed to dismiss me. She told me to do yoga and stay positive. However, I did still want to find some treatments for the symptoms that have developed over those four years. As a result, I have been diagnosed with Peripheral neuropathy, Migraines, Essential tremor, restless leg and vertigo. My Dr. has asked me if I want to see another neuro to determine the cause of my symptoms. I haven't yet because I'm too worried that I'll get an answer but also that I won't. Right now I'll only take more tests If something happens that is impossible for me to ignore. The embarrassment and confusion I felt after the MRI was clear makes me afraid to have another. Something is wrong with my body, there is no doubt, but I'm not sure I want to know. When I'm having a bad day and my symptoms are more pronounced than usual, I look on this site to get strength. The stories from people living with MS are full of optimism and strength. Whatever is causing my issues seems to be very similar to MS. I become lonely and feel misunderstood by everyone in my daily life. While I don't tell them what I'm dealing with, they still know something is wrong. It's impossible to hide my pain and exhaustion when it consumes me and shows on my face, but I deny that I feel awful to my family and friends anyway. I hope I'll be able to confide in someone here. Getting some feedback and maybe some understanding would help me greatly.


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