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This all began one month ago. I woke up like every other day, except that day I had a tingling/numb sensation in my left foot up to mid shin... almost as if my foot was asleep. I've been called a contortionist when I sleep so I thought that I had just slept wonky. The feeling never went away and instead began to progress up my leg and by the end of the weekend it was in both legs. I felt as if the feeling was worse while laying down since I was also feeling back pains, but now it's just a constant tingle dull sensation. In the month since it began the feeling has reached my stomach, I have a dull ache in the center of my back, near daily headaches with some days being worse in pain than others and my lady bits (sexually) don't quite function as well as they used to. Which makes me feel like a bad spouse.... I am 31 years old and a type 2 Diabetic, when I saw my family physician and explained these sudden symptoms he didn't bother to run tests or look at my legs-- instead he said it was common in diabetics to have Diabetic Neuropathy. My symptoms were becoming worse and so with a lot of persistence my physician finally recommended a Neurologist to me. After lots of blood work, MRI of the brain and thoracic spine, 3 days of an IV steroid infusion and a week of oral steroids (which is driving my sugars sky high) which is resulted in me having to becoming dependent on insulin for the first time ever. --- I found out today September 9th, 2013 that I have classic findings (Dawson's finger) 6 lesions in my noggin and 1 lesion on my T4 spine. I have cried... felt like a failure as a wife... felt like a financial burden to my husband (because let's face it-- meds are going to be expensive)... I feel like I will never be able to have children... I feel lost. Everyone is telling me to be strong and stay positive, and i'm trying... Things could be a lot worse. But for the time being I am going to have a good cry and take it day by day.


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS
First experienced symptoms2013
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Sexual Dysfunction, Emotional Changes, Depression, Headache, Tingles
Treatments Diet, Exercise, Tecfidera, Yoga


Living Well with MS Caregiver Support, Employment and education, Emotional support, Healthy living
Getting Involved Walk MS, Bike MS, Do It Yourself Fundraising, Advocacy, Volunteering
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsBaking, Photography

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