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I had started to notice a 'twinge' in my left leg when I bent my head down. This went on for several months. It didn't hurt, just annoying. Then one day, I was driving with my husband. I was exiting the highway when, all of a sudden, my vision was double. I slowed down, was about to pull over when it quit. My husband decided it was time for me to go see the doctor. My family doctor sent me to a neurologist. This was March 2013, He ordered a MRI on my head and spine. I was scheduled to return to the doctor a couple of weeks later. He called two days after the MRI and wanted me in his office the next day. Well, that makes you worry. My husband and I sat there while he told me I had several lesions in my brain and one in my neck- I had MS. I was sent to the hospital that night for MRI's, lumbar puncture and steroids. Four days in the hospital and another week of feeling crappy. I was started on injections, found the best doctor around and went on with life. Nothing else has really happened. Then, in August, I got a bad pain in the right side of my face. Thought it was my teeth or sinuses. Turned out to be neither. Now on anti-seizure medicine that doesn't seem to be working. What can you do other than go on with your life? My family are my rock. My children, my sisters, who got the ball rolling to get me into the best doctor, and my dear husband. Looking forward to the future. This won't keep me down!


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2013
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Vision Problems, Pain, Tremor
Treatments Avonex


Hobbies and other interestswoodworking, baking, reading

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