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MS most likely started early in my teen years. I had my first relapse when I was 19-20, but they had enough information with my 1st MRI to pretty much diagnosis me. I had several brain lesions and also a legion in my neck and back. My first episode attacked my lower right side, and was pretty mild and I didn't experience many problems until now 6-7 years later. I recently had my first child and about 4 months afterwards I had my 1st experience with optic neutrisis. However, this was very difficult because although my left eye was very much having issues they were unable to see anything clinically on a MRI or even when directly looking into my eye. Then about 2-3 months later my left side went crazy and I relapsed again. This time they were able to see new damage on my scans previously not seen, however it isn't "active." So what that means? No idea. Additionally, Within the last two weeks, I've started experience pain on the right side of my face and my right eye looks sleepy all the time. All of this has no explanation, and right now I'm waiting to go to a clinic. So my life at this point is...well let's say interesting.


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