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Hi , My name is Scot , I first started to show signs in 1995 . I remember being at a cook out and I tried to stand and my legs began shaking so bad that I was not able to stand , it passed after about 20mins or so . The next day I couldn't get out of bed and I was in major pain in my hips and legs, called an ambulance and was admitted to the hospital were I was put through a battery of test and they found nothing so of course I was told I was having a conversion reaction. I'm alot of us have been told that but at the time I felt totally alone and angry and I just could not figure out why I was doing this to myself, (they had me thinking that I was crazy )...... but about a yr later a Neurologist finally found some lesions . I remember actually feeling relieved that I really had something , and it had a name , It was MS !!!! Then the fear set in , I had no clue what was going to happen to me ... God I was so scared !!! I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting so over the years I was treated with many different treatments to include high does steroids ( and we know what that does to you ) ,the side effects were terrible !!! But it helped , and then came the Avonex , Rebiff , and so on ..... But I was rediagnosed with ppms about 2 months ago , so I'm back to the fear and the just not knowing . My legs have gotten so weak that I now use a wheelchair most of the time and my pain levels are often about a 8 or 9 on scale of 1-10 . But so be it I guess ??? Or maybe not , maybe there is still some fight left in me ? No actually I know there is still alot of fight left in me , but I just don't want to do it alone , actually let me correct that and say that I can't do it alone !!! Things just go better when there is someone else to talk to and someone else who has some kind of knowledge of what I'm going through . Hell like they say " IT TAKES A VILLAGE " and there has been no better village for me than the MS community !!! We really are a team of people who care for and support each other !!! So Please feel free to contact me and we will do this together , and if we can't then we will find the right people who can help us get through whatever it may be on any particular day , And that I will PROMISE !!! Because in this village there is always somebody there who can is willing to help us !!!


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Hobbies and other interestslove antiques and flea markets , yard sales and yard work when able ......

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