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It all started going downhill in Oct of 2014. Had some emotional outbursts with my mother for stupid reasons. Went downhill until I spent Dec 24th in the emergency room with no idea what was happening and little support. Was released with recommendation to see neurologist but had no insurance so they wouldnt touch me. Spent 2015 'getting better' until I had a relapse for a couple weeks around the 4th of july. It really came back this past nov 1st 2015 when I started going downhill again. Week of Jan 16 after a series of falls I took a trip to the ER again with backing from friends and family. Doctor noticed my eyes 'vibrating' when the pen light went up and left, so significant that she called multiple nurses to come see it. She admitted me and ordered a lumbar puncture and MRI scans. Jan 18th the morning and the Neurologist come in to wake me and tells me the news, they know what it is. Finally.

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