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Hello MS Strangers.. I am on the so-called.. MyMSTeam as MSMOBILITYMAN..and -YES-I still do have an earlier profile on here...that I can not login 2 anymore ...cause I only have the numb stiff use of my right forefinger..with the name -[i think] MSMOBILITYUSER...WITH 99 lost-past CONNECTIONS..can not type the password--requires two hands----------------------------------. So...I will not go into all the crappy MS or SCI or TM stuff on here that we have.experienced..-see my other My Story--NOW WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY. [so do please read on] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There is a real war on 4 our minds and all our BIG PHARMA drug money--=We have been fooled and fed 2 much BS or fake news .. .Listen to the truth on INFOWARS.COM ......not the Main Stream media that will stop at nothing 2 try and stop the truth about this-n-that and our President Trump- -and his National 4 the people agenda------------------------------------------------------------------------------Finding social MS friends or relationships is not as important 2 ME as losing ALL our Freedoms So please read this LONG THING and do not think that as crazy,..Someone has 2 tell you the truth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should most MS folks be forgotten and never brought to mind....Seems like we are in the last days of AULD LANG SYNE....and the end of our.on line freedom see-- where the real news can be found...and pls look at my PHOTOS..and add your own..Guess we shouldl give up trying 2 find local friendly Team players willing to become acquainted - HAD NO REAL LUCK YET --will we ever..----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.You can gmail me or SKYPE me.../ MSMOBILITYMAN


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Hobbies and other interestsMobility Equipment hoarder..power wheelchairs- scooter collector

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