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I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband and have 2 teenage boys. A couple of years ago I started experiencing some physical problems. It started with dizziness and fatigue. Then after a mission trip where I was in the heat a lot, I came home and began to have major problems. My right leg and arm began going numb. I was experiencing painful legs cramps and just an overall sick feeling. I went to my primary doctor who first mentioned MS as a possibility which I thought was crazy. He ordered some tests which first came back as a possible cancer diagnosis, but with further testing and persistence of my primary doctor, the diagnosis became, "possible MS". He referred me to a neuro who then continued with further testing. It was almost a relief when I was diagnosed with MS, compared to the big "C" word, cancer. After some time now, I am beginning to realize that this is a reality and my life is not the same. I am learning to accept this disease, but not let it define who I am or to let it stop me from living a fulfilling life. If it were not for my relationship with God, I would have given up. God has helped me because He never gives up, He is my strength.


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