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  • Age 36
  • Relationship Married

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it started a year ago, with numbness in my legs, and after x- rays , i found out that i have a problem with the leg nerves in my back bone and spinal cord .... started physocal therapy and medications, then after months i had a bad cold .... and i was having a pain in my left eye .... with hazy vision , but the doctors made me late on rescue my eye , cause they could not diagnose the case .... finally after VEP .FOR MY EYES , AND MRI ON THE BRAIN , the conclusion was " likely MS" and the medications for my eye was useless .... cause i was late .... and the doctor told me .......now i will not take any medicines or any therapy .... we just will wait the next attack


Type of MS Newly Diagnosed with MS
First experienced symptoms2013
First Diagnosed 2013
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Vision Problems, Sexual Dysfunction

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