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My onset was rare and unusual. It was originally discovered by a lesion on my optical nerve as which I know is common however there were a few more in my brain, the largest being the size of a golf ball. I was treated with a high dose of steroids in patient. One month later I was back in the hospital with a tumefactive lesion almost 3” large, about 20 percent of my brain and completely paralysed on one side. At that point the doctors were unsure and thought it could possible be cancer. I had the normal MRI’s and a PET scan which were all inconclusive. A brain biopsy was done as it was deemed the only way for an accurate diagnosis. My biggest issue or the hardest to overcome isn't that I have MS and all the lovely ‘gifts’ it comes with (fatigue, pain, cognitive, etc). When all this started my sister became pregnant. The newest member of the family will be two soon and I have trouble remembering this cute little tiny human who I would give my life for even exists.


Hobbies and other interestsI loved to travel. Loved being key in that sentence. Family and friends, quality over quantity. I recently started watching a lot of urban explores on YouTube and would love to do that at somepoint in the near future.

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