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I’ve lived my entire adult life with symptoms that were dismissed by practitioners who couldn’t answer my questions, or didn’t know what they were looking at. I ignored them as best I could, endured years of tremors, body instability, foot drops, numb right side, blurry vision, and I was sent to chiropractors and given blood pressure meds for tremors, but could not get answers. In the past 2 years, the flare ups have gotten increasingly worse, until now they are interfering with my daily life. I am a classroom teacher, but almost unable to make crafts due to trembling in my hands. Even putting toothpaste on my brush is sometimes almost impossible. Instead of support, I’ve gotten laughs from friends and family...but I never held it against anyone...I also tried to laugh it off. My principal finally noticed that I was favoring my right side, something I ddin’t even notice...and I’m at the end of my rope. I was just FINALLY diagnosed, and am now receiving treatment. I finally have a voice, and I finally have a focal point for my frustration and for finding alleviation. Teaching is my LIFE...and I only want to continue doing that. I don’t think my story is unique or makes me special...and I am not a victim. I just want to feel better. ❤️


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