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I had been born w/ a weak leg. So much so,they told my folks it was not developed. I had braces and crutches up until I was 3 when I dumped the crutches and pulled of the braces & walked without them. I lived a pretty active childhood. At age 16,I was a passenger in a Cadillac that was struck twice. Once by a drunk driver that blew the light. As the car was sitting in the intersection and I was trying to pull myself back into the car through the windshield, the car got hit again which sent it spinning until it hit a traffic pole. They found me 25ft away-dead. I was revived,and slipped into a 9 day coma. I had spinal chord & brain damage.Again,told I wasn't going to walk again...I ignored the doctors & with determination walked. Arrogance got me through the rest of my teens and 20s. I had been married,had children & cared for my aging folks. I moved mountains. I was the baby of the family,yet made up for where the other five lacked. I never asked for help because I didn't need any. By the time I was 32,my folks passed days apart. I kept my chin up,in spite of how lost and broken I really was. I took care of funeral arrangements, their estate,the kids- then I wound up getting a divorce. My ex drank constantly and had no problem punching me,especially in the head. So,a few years into my freedom and single parenting,I started to notice things- numbness,pain,slurring of words,(I don't drink) I thought back to my accident- remembering the dr.'s warning- that I was going to feel pain later on in my life. I figured I had a family to rake care of, and the Drs were wrong so far,so I learned to mask what was happening: if my leg 'went out,' I'd lean,If my hand and arm felt heavy,I'd put it in my pocket,&so on. In 2011,I was laid off,I was noticing things more and more. For 3.5 yrs it was,a guessing game for my 1st doctor. I got fed up and quit seeing him. I found another Dr. He pinpointed MS AFTER he listened to what I had been experiencing. I had a ctscan,MRI, bloodwork,& a spinal tap done. In Dec.of 2018,I was diagnosed with MS... Though I know it will probably 'ger me' in the end,it's not getting me today. Medications are getting closer to a cure,so when my kids are my age, MS may have a cure. So,I'm here.

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