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I am a 68 year old woman who has lived with MS since I was 18 years old! It is almost hard for me to believe that I have lived with MS for 50 years. While living with MS, I have experienced many different stages of denial of the disease, embarrassment and frustration with my life having MS, and finally, acceptance of the fact that I live with MS and can help others living with the same disease by making friends and providing peer support. I have lived a great life while having MS! I hope that I will soon be able to live in a world free of MS. I believe that a cure will be discovered in my lifetime. I have definitely changed my perspective of MS throughout the years. While I used to avoid meeting anyone else with MS, I now look forward to lunches and conversations with my friends who also live with MS. Long ago, I decided to move forward with my education, my marriage, and my career. I basically tried to keep a positive attitude while living my life in denial. I studied, worked, got married, gave birth to two children, and basically did it all with MS. During that time, I did not want to talk about my MS or let it get in my way! Most of my life with MS was about normal living with a few breaks due to MS flares which were treated by steroid infusions. Disease Modifying Drugs provided hope while alternative treatments filled the gaps. Hence, I am living my most recent history with MS with the realization of the benefits of having friends with MS, talking on a regular basis to my friends with MS, going lunch with my MS friends, and basically living my life with friends who also share the challenges of living life with MS. I have learned a great deal from my friends with MS!


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