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My mom was a really active person - she'd frequently go on walks, hikes, and camping with friends. She mentioned a few times she would get dizzy and it would make her walking or hiking very difficult and she'd always have to cut them short. As time progressed, so did her symptoms. She saw a few doctors and they removed a portion of a vertebrae and it didn't alleviate the symptoms she was having. Eventually, there was a spinal tap done, which diagnosed her MS, in 2009. My mother has PPMS and it's incredibly difficult being an outsider looking in on this disease. She wanted me to live a normal life, so when the time came for me to move out, I did - I would still come over once a week and do chores for her. Occasionally, she would call and ask for me and my fiance to come over because she fell and had exhausted herself so much trying to get up that she knew she couldn't. So we'd come over and pick her up. I remember one morning - it was 7 AM - she called crying because she had fallen and she couldn't get up. She said she needed me right then because when she had fallen she hit her head and there was blood on her floor and on her hands. I rushed over, worried something was terribly wrong and frustrated that she didn't call an ambulance. (She was fine, but it was SUCH a scare). She's stubborn: She won't use LifeAlert, she's hesitant to accept help from outside sources. I'm all she has. It's incredibly overwhelming and a lot of times I don't know that I can handle it.

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