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My friend has had MS for 39 years. He is on the medical faculty at a US university medical center & has been for 26 years. Recently, I became his medical POA because of the disease progression, especially related to cognition. While he's been able to drive to work & conduct the important research he's overseen for years, he has recently been having some problems that have been challenging, including hypothermia, reduced cognition when temp drops below 95, legs turning to jello when we treat the hypothermia & falls. We started 24/7 in-home care, while he regains his strength, resumes OP PT/OT & returns to work. I am trying to keep him safe, while creating the best quality of life possible at this stage in his disease. Any thoughts, guidance & support from those in similar situations will be so appreciated. Thank you!


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Hobbies and other interestsHe was formerly a tri-athelete, so is naturally competitive and strives to work out.

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