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2017 has been heavy on me. Especially recently in July I start having A TINGLING ELECTRIC SHOOTING FEELING THOUGHOUT MY BODY and EXTREME FATIGUE. I thought it was from missing my seizure meds until i was able to sign up for a program that mailed my meds for free.(The ER diagnosed me with VERTIGO) I was 175lbs in the beginning of 2017, I dropped to 133lbs by may or so, now its Nov im 150lbs. MY HUNGER INCREASED. OCTOBER I had another episode.. Same shooting feelings is how it starts, BLURRED VISION, TRIPPING OVER THINGS, HITTING MY HEAD ON CAR DOORS, BODY ACHES ODDLY, NUMBNESS, AND STUMBLING OVER WORDS OR THOUGHTS. (ER CHECKED FOR A PINCHED NERVE) nothing came back. TODAY November episode 3.. Same issues plus BOWEL PROBLEMS.. now IRRITATION because I don't feel well and it seems NO ONE IS DOING THE RIGHT TEST TO FIND OUT. It can't be me, im in pain even the odd shooting feelings hurt when I move or look around. I FALL ASLEEP IN CHURCH, OR JUST SITTING STILL.. I STAY SO SLEEPY.. Hard to sleep at night though. And I itch.. Im only 29.. I have 2 boys 4 and 2.. These symptoms exhaust me too.. But IM STARTING HERE..

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