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Today is March 10, 2015. Right now signs point toward me having MS. I started out about 2.5 weeks ago having strange eye symptoms. On my 38th birthday, about 2 weeks ago, I was diagnosed by my opthamologist as having Optic Neuritis. Since then, my vision has continued, to dim/fade out, and just basically worsen every day. This past weekend ig got a whole lot worse. It is incredibly scary. On Friday, March 6 I had an MRI, and some bloodwork done. I have not gotten those reports yet, but only heard what the medical assistant was able to tell me verbally over the phone. So far the news is: "There were several small spots found on the MRI." Bloodwork showed no abnormal signs of inflammation. Vitamin D level a little low at 25. and Vitamin D said to be good at 8.03. I see the opthamologist again today, as my vision has gone way down since the visit with her last week. I am overweight, and have been trying to lose a good 50 pounds for the last 10 years of my life. The weight won't come off. I am even more upset now, because I have heard that being overweight is sort of bad when having MS.


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