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I have been having symptoms of MS since August of 2013 and have been through a series of test for a multiple of other illnesses which have all shown up negative. It started with an incidence approximately 4 years ago that was a one time incident that I did not know what it was until now. My husband and I were on vacation in the Smokey mountains and were on a trail hiking up a mountain which I had done several times before when I got to the top and lost my eyesight completely. I must say it was one on the scariest times of my life, not only could I not see but I was on the top of a mountain and there was only one way down and it was a very steep and narrow path down to the bottom. After holding on to my husband for dear life and praying it became dark because at this point we had to walk so slow that it had gotten dark on us. It took us about three hours to find our way back to our vehicle and the next morning when I woke up my vision was back and everything appeared to be fine. I had a history of migraines so it was brushed off as a possible optical migraine. My first experience where I knew I had to seek treatment was August 2013. I was on my way to work, I had to drive approximately 45 minutes to get to my job and I began to experience double vision and my head just didn't feel right, it felt full. I felt as if I were waking up from anesthesia. I had a tingling sensation in my face and I drove past my job as if I didn't know where I was. I realized right away what I had done and turned around and went to work. When I got to work and went inside I just did not feel right. It was hard to explain, but my head just felt full and I just felt a little fuzzy. At that point I drove myself to an urgent care where I was examined and suspected to have had a possible mini-stroke or cerebral palsy. The physician ordered me to have an MRI on my brain and told me not to leave the facility until she had spoken to the radiologist. Once the MRI was completed I was told there was no evidence of a stroke and I could go home but if my symptoms worsened or if my face began to droop to come back to them or go to the nearest emergency room. My double vision continued for about a week and a half and the doctor referred me to a Neurologist who began a multitude of test. I had every blood test imaginable from arthritis to Lupus to HIV, and all blood work appeared ok. I had a lumbar puncture that showed normal, my MRI showed multiple lesions on my brain which were indicative of MS but in itself inconclusive. I was sent for an ultrasound of my heart to make sure there were no issues there and every test we took came back normal. My Neurologist suspects MS and after all of her findings has now referred me to a new Neurologist who specializes in MS for a second opinion. I went to him last week and he feels the same way, he thinks it is MS also and has ordered me an evoked potential test on Tuesday and a new MRI on Friday this time with contrast of my brain but also one of my cervical spine. I am very scared to find out that I have MS, but at the same time I want to get rid of the double vision. I have had to call my husband on my way to work and have him come pick me up and take me to work because my vision gets so bad. My vision seems worse when I am in a vehicle moving or walking, more so then when I am sitting still, and if I'm not having double vision it is blurry vision. Can anyone tell me if the vision problems go away one your treatments are started and how long after it is started, before it subsides?


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