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  • Age 76
  • Relationship Married

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I was a high school football official. In 1990 I started to do my exercising in August to get ready for football. I started to run and after a block my leg stiffened up with no pain. Each year after that, I lost more and more long distance running capabilities. Roughly in 1993 I started to get double vision. My doctor sent me to sports physical therapy people, chiropractor, one visit to a neurologist. Finally, in 1995 I got a number of visits to a neurologist. After two MRI's and one spinal tap, I was officially diagnosed with MS in early 1996. In September of that year I started on Avonex which is for relapsing/remitting MS. In 2007 I got a severe UTI which required hospitalization. During my stay, my fourth neurologist. After conferring with a partner neurologist. she took me off Avonex because she said I had primary/progressive MS. I have been disappointed because no one has been talking about treatments for PPMS. Finally, this year treatments for PPMS are in the pipeline. For someone who has been recently diagnosed with MS, get as much information on MS that you can. The more you know about this disease, it will be a little easier to understand what you will be going thru. Remember that there is always someone around to help you understand what you are going thru.


Type of MS Primary-Progressive MS (PPMS)
First experienced symptoms1990
First Diagnosed 1996
Symptoms Fatigue, Bladder Dysfunction, Sexual Dysfunction, Spasticity, Tremor
Treatments Exercise, Physical Therapy, Vitamin D

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