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I’m new to this. My husband and I were randomly in a car wreck and about a week later I had the most horrible pain in my face. I was diagnosed with TN, and had an MRI. Fast forward 3 weeks and a slew of tests later I’m trying to figure out how my new future is going to look. I feel like my body has betrayed me because I found out something so life altering so randomly. Then I start questioning everything. Will my life be the same? What will the next fun surprise symptom be? Can we still retire to an island? Will life change? Will people leave? Will the treatments work? The doctor says it RRMS but is he sure? What if it’s not? Who to tell? Who not to tell? All of this every 5 minutes and much more... I’m lucky to have been so in the dark. Then I wonder how much damage I might have prevented had I known. I can’t fix that, or go back, I know. I told my husband today I only really have two real choices...I can Live or I can Die. Of those 2 only one is realistic. How I will live is what I need to decide next...

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