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I was diagnosed with ms in june 2018. I have worked for a neurologist for 6 years and am i very big advocate for all my patients...parkinsons dementia and ms. 3 patients i have become close to and 1 was close to before diagnosis. She is an art teacher and did an amazing tattoo on me. She was the first of my patients to know about me. I have always gone above and beyond for all my patients even more so now I am right now going through my hardest flare right now that actually made me say i really have ms! And for my dr to say not so bad could be worse...wow! Dont get me wrong I see and help the ones worse. But they arent me😕 im trying hard to be positive and rest and be my best. No one home gets it. And the dr I work for says sometimes you should know this. But how?? I never went through it just had to help patients without knowing what they were feeling....til now


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Hobbies and other interestsHorseback riding trying to walk exercise i have worked and rescued 125 dogs..june 2017 lost my last dog

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