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2010 Life was great…or so I thought. Coming through a sticky divorce, I had a great job as a home health therapist allowing me to set my own schedule, counseling that was working to get me through this rough patch since my three year old’s difficult birth, and I was beginning to date again. Fast forward to 2013… That guy I started dating was now my fiancé, we moved to a new rent house, and I had a new job as a school therapist working at a preschool, and we were thinking about having a baby in the near future. I had taken steps to ensure a healthy birth since my son and diagnosis of PCOS. Had started exercising at work with other teachers when I started getting blurry vision while exercising, it got better with rest, and lowered heart rate, but I then went to PCP who sent me to opthomolgy and cardio. My vision was fine, and after a 30 day heart monitor so was determined my heart. By then I was pregnant and we were looking forward to a new bundle a joy. Back at work after my maternity leave, I was falling asleep in a class and with my therapy groups. I thought it was just new mommy stuff, but when my principal brought it up I remembered being diagnosed 3-4 years prior with sleep apnea, RLS and idiopathologcal excessive sleepiness. I thought all this had resolved itself with some changes in lifestyle at the time. I also starting falling at work, and my school’s nurse had me start using a walker. My shoulder started hurting, and PCP attributed the pain to use of the walker, so she sent me for xrays and a neuro eval. The neurologist sent me for an MRI. Went back for follow up with neuro 2/14/2014 and he gave me the official diagnosis of MS and gave me some pamphlets to decide how I wanted to treat this. The internet became my friend as I tried to figure this out. Since then life has changed so much. I am no longer able to think fast enough to do my job and became officially disabled in September. Becoming a stay at home mom to my toddler as my husband goes to work now to earn for our family.


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