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Retired military wife. From the coast of NC. Have been DX with MS Jun of 09. MS SX are ok. I am blessed they are not worse. Drs said no work but I am going to try to volunteer to get out of the house. Only have developed a few really close friends since being in CA but they are wonderful but they work during the day. Have a young adult daughter that lives at home. My husband and her are great caregivers. I feel guilty with what they do for me. Being a retired military wife I have excellant medical care. My heart goes out to all that do not have that luxury. I also have been DX with PAD, Fibromyalgia, Bipolar(severe), sleep apena, skin disorder but beside that I am in excellant health. I try to find humor. I am on this site to connect with others for help and to give help. I hope to develope some online MS friends.


Hobbies and other interestsI have just got interested in photography. I also like reading, journaling, Bible study, spending time with my daughter and husband, having coffee or a meal with a friend. I also enjoy doing anykind of yard work or housework that I am able to do without making my SX worse. There is more but the Cognitive stuff is in high gear tonight.

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