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12 days after I was sworn in before the Texas Supreme Court and received my law license, I went blind in both eyes. My MRI was clear at the time and I had no other Neurological symptoms. My vision returned slowly over the next 2 months. 4 months later I felt an excruciating pain in my boob when I bent down to pick something up off of the floor. I continued to have pain in my boob and under my arm, so I went to a walk in clinic. They did x rays and put me on something to help the inflamed nerve causing the pain. Within a few days my abdomen felt numb and my ribs felt compressed. MRIs at that time discovered lesions in my brain, thoracic and lumbar spine. I was engaged to be married, just licensed to practice law and my world fell apart. I offered to give back my ring to my husband but he was in denial and said there would be a cure within a few years. We got married in Feb 2000 and had a son in Dec 2001. I never got to practice law and I will never get over the rage I feel about how hard I worked for my license only to have my life stolen away. I can not even get disability because I did not earn enough money in the right time frame. My dad has gone broke trying to support me and my family all these years and we are so poor that I have not had a car of my own since 2010. The isolation and loneliness have made me almost afraid to go anywhere. I can not be the mom that my son needs or the wife that my husband wants because of my physical and emotional agony. WOULD YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH A LOSER LIKE ME?


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Hobbies and other intereststhe hobbies I had in the past were all physical activities I can not participate in any more

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