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I was diagnosed with MS at 19 in February of 2016. I had been having fatigue issues for years , dealing with anxiety and sleeping issues that were becoming grueling to deal with and for months prior to my diagnoses I was having strange pains in my leg sort of like my leg was giving out or had fallen asleep, pins and needles sort of pain. I went to a neurologist and they diagnosed it as a pinched nerve after a MRI of my spine. Throughout the summer of 2015 I had numbness in face on the right side. I was terrified I made an appointment again and saw a different neurologist that my primary doctor recommended. After 2 spinal taps and multiple MRIs on my brain and spine and a visit with the MS specialist my diagnoses was declared MS. I spiraled into so many different types of emotions, I had always associated MS with old age and was so embarrassed and upset and confused. Within months my pain increased I went through medication like candy. My nerve pain was a constant issue. RRMS was my official diagnoses. Now as time has passed living with MS is my struggle and learning how to roll with new symptoms and relapses and still function as a young adult is not only stressful but tiring. I want to help find some type of relief and cure for this disease. God knows as much as this is teaching me and growing me as a women id like to grow without MS at my side.


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