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I was officially diagnosed in June of 2019; my mother and maternal aunt have MS as well. I am a physical therapist by trade, with previous careers to include training as a merchant mariner deck officer and naval aviator. Now that I have personally accepted the diagnosis, I have set out to accomplish many of the things I’ve wanted to do in my life, sooner than later. My first order of business was to experience pushing my body to its physical limits. To that end, in the month of September 2019 I ran 600 miles across the state of Minnesota, approximately 1.3 million steps in total. I documented the journey on facebook (trybychadmickelson) and instagram (@600milestorun), and have a website (n-of-1.org). After the 600 mile month long run, I completed my first ultramarathon (50 mile). I hope to continue to document and be in a position to participate in these pursuits for the foreseeable future. :) But if not, my goal is to face this life altering disease with dignity and courage.


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