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My first MS symptoms was during my first semester of medical school. I had numbness and a tingling sensation on my right leg. Didn't give it much thought because of what we call "the medical student" syndrome, where everything you read or learn, you think you might have. A year after that i had a partial loss of sensation in both my arms. I gave it some days and didn't get any better, in fact i began to experience pain and heaviness. Heres where all the MRI's, electromyographies, xrays and blood tests began. After visiting 5 different neurologists, whom said I was too young to have MS and discart it as a diagnosis, All my MRI's show demyelinating plaques so dont know why they were in denial. Finally I got led to a neurologist that specializes in MS. During this process bladder dysfunction became part of the picture. Im crossing my fingers for no more symptoms to appear.


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