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My name is William Milligan and I was born in Glasgow Scotland.I was diagnosed with ms 18 and a half years ago and I my health has never been better and improving daily,Thank God!I thank Our Lord for my healing and My Beautiful Girlfriend Paula for Her Love and Support.I found the right doctors that treat my individual diagnosis specifically.Others things that are keys to my success is good family and friends,a refuse to lose attitude,proper diet,exercise,supplementation,yoga,acupuncture and keeping myself informed and educated on health and wellness issues!It has been quite a few years since my dramatic health improvement.My mother passed away back in 1999; at the very young age of 53(she had ms too,there are four of us in our family with an ms diagnosis.They say Scottish people are more likely to be diagnosed with ms on account of the climate there and a lack of vitamin d).My health now is great but it was not always like this.I attempted suicide because of the chronic/severe pain I was in,was in a nursing home,could barely walk,was on more than 12 different meds,got addicted to percocet,had a near fatal seizure,fell down stairs and had no quality of life.Thank God it all turned around for me.I started a Christian MS Outreach Program called;The Direct Effect.It assists people with ms find natural,practical ways to achieve optimal health as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.Helping them find the best treatment for their specific diagnosis.I'm winning my battle with ms but I don't truly win until we all do.All I can say is never surrender......never!Amen.


Type of MS Other similar condition
First experienced symptoms1988
First Diagnosed 1995
Treatments Acupuncture, Chiropractic Therapy, Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Physical Therapy, Vitamin D, Yoga

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