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Thinking back, I first had symptoms in 2008 during a period of major stress. An unexplained fever knocked me flat for a month in the summer of 2012, and an MRI of my cervical spine, after a car accident, showed a lesion. This got me to a neurologist, and a brain MRI Showed lesions. It was not until 14 months later, when a repeat MRI in February of 2015 showed progression, that MS was really suspected. It was actually diagnosed in May, by lumbar puncture, and I was diagnosed with optic neuritis in both eyes on the same day. My good doctor decided that Tysabri would be the best place to begin, as I was pretty sick by diagnosis. After 4 infusions, I seem to be feeling about the same, but the cold weather has been a big relief. My biggest complaint is exhaustion, demoralizing exhaustion that nobody understands. I also deal with lots of other symptoms, but they are all basically manageable so far. Today, I visited this site to find a support group because I am alone and feel as if there is nobody in my life who can begin to understand how scary and weird this is!!! Acceptance seems like a dream, so I want to meet others and maybe laugh instead of crying.


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