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  • Gender Female
  • Age 57
  • Relationship Married

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.Over the past 4-5 years I had vision problems. I would wake up and have double vision, when I turned my head left or right my vision was blurry, just watching TV it would get blurry .My eyes would even twitch. I thought it was age and my eyes getting weaker. In 2012 we moved to our dream property. 4-5 acres with a barn and space, away from the city. Even during the move I noticed how tired I got so easily and how much weaker I was lifting boxes. (I spent 20 years with the Air Force and have moved a lot of boxes) Even when I got home from work I was falling asleep at 7pm. I was off work for a week in Feb 2012. My vision was blurry and I had double vision, It lasted 9 days. I called my family doctor, who was on the golf course in Florida at the time, and told him what was happening. This was after visits to the eye doctor.. He said he would be home "tomorrow" and he wanted to see me right away. I had a CT scan which was OK. Then he wanted an MRI of my brain. I kept putting it off because if the CT scan was OK why did I need a MRI. Plus my vision had gone back to normal. My husband, Pete, and our family doctor are friends and he kept calling Pete telling him I needed to schedule the MRI. So I did. What a surprise I got when I went in for the results. "You have MS." April 5, 2012. I was speechless and stunned. I had our doctor call Pete and tell him because I couldn't. I went to where Pete was working and we just hugged and he told me we will get through this. He ordered a MRI of my spine which I did right away. My friend from church who works at the hospital sat with me and prayed with me during that MRI. I cried all through it because I knew why I was there this time. I had a couple of second opinions. Same, you have MS. They all showed us the lesions. We have a wonderful MS doctor who is like a brother to me. I am taking Betaseron right now. Pete gives me my injections. He's very good at it. I have not had any relapses, which I am so thankful for. We are not afraid, we live everyday to the fullest and pray to God for healing and to keep us in His hands. Pete is my" rock." Without him I would be lost. He knows me better then I know myself. He can see when I need to slow down or cool off or just sit for awhile. We raise beef cattle and hogs for ourselves. We love our little farm and I savor all the moments we spend working together with it. I still work outside the home. I am a dental hygienist and work in a speciality surgical practice. I have had to make a few modifications at the office to keep my body temperature cool, but other then that I am OK. My legs get a little achy now and then. My boss and co-workers know I have MS and they don't treat me any different. I don't want to be treated any different. I guess I will know when I need to slow down at work . But for right now I am doing OK and will keep going until I can't. I hope and pray for a cure. I read as much as I can about the latest research. I get concerned about Obamacare and how it will affect MS patients. There are 4 of us with MS where we got to church, all in different stages. We pray together and encourage each other. We don't complain or get mad. We're kind of our own little support/prayer group. Sometimes we don't even talk, we just wave across the sanctuary and know how each other is doing. I feel very Blessed.


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2009
First Diagnosed 2012
Symptoms Fatigue, Bladder Dysfunction, Bowel Dysfunction, Vision Problems
Treatments Diet, Exercise, Tysabri, Vitamin D, i walk a lot


Living Well with MS Healthy living
Hobbies and other interestsReading, caning chairs, working on my farm

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