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Before MS, I was a very active and physically strong person. I was married and professionally successful. After my MS diagnosis in 2007, MS began taking all that away. In 2012, risk of the deadly brain infection PML required me to stop taking the MS drug Tysabri. In 2013, coming off of Tysabri led to an extremely hard MS rebound attack on my brainstem. I rapidly went from having a moderate limp to being painfully crippled, incontinent and in a wheelchair. It looked like the end, until I was accepted for treatment with HSCT and chemotherapy by Dr. Richard Burt at Chicago Northwestern University. The procedure rest my faulty immune system and fully halted all my MS disease activity. Six months after HSCT, I'm no longer using a wheelchair, am off all MS drugs and am relearning to walk. My hope for a future has been restored.


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