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I am a co-principle bassoonist in a symphony orchestra. About 5 years ago....strange things started happening. Blurriness in the eyes while watching TV, Foot cramps....never happened before. Concentration problems. Then, a few years later.... stability problems...dizziness problems, pain in my fingers, which a dr. Said was related to the fact that I was a professional musician....diagnosis..Tendonitis producing Focal Dystonia, hence the dissy feeling I had. I also suffered the feeling of my entire body feeling as though pac-man was coursing through my body. From this, I am sure of the reason as to why I dropped to around 100 lbs...and was always a very "normal" healthy weight. I had always been around a size 6.... and dropped to a very loose size 2. Then it started getting really bad. I was unable to walk a straight line and going down stairs was scarey....I went down as if I were a horse, clomp, clomp! I also experienced Lhermette's.....I chalked that up to "getting older, my back! The ridgidness in my legs, every time I got up fom sitting, became visible to a colleague, who asked me if I had done something to my legs......this made burst out in tears at work, and I knew that I had to get help.....

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