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I am happily married to a great guy who has been supportive every step of the way. We don't have kids, but we do have 3 cats --- which is sort of like having 3 toddlers that never mature. I teach yoga, a practice that I credit for keeping me sane. Oh, and I also have fibromyalgia. It started in 2006. There's no proof, but I think it was triggered by the first disease-modifying drug I tried. The inflammation that was supposed to go away after a few months never did. So, there are days when I don't know which health challenge is causing a particular symptom. My first noticable flare up was optic neuritis. It scared the crap out of me. I came home from lunch with my husband on a Friday and thought, "Wow the sun was really bright" because I had these spots in my vision like you get after you've been out in bright sun and then come indoors (or see in your vision after a camera flash). But, they didn't go away. In fact they got worse and by Tuesday I had lost a portion of the vision in both eyes. As scarry as it was, I was lucky. Few things cause optic neuritis and it got me a quick diagnosis. It's been an interesting journey. I recently started blogging about it, so I won't take up too much space here (see website above). MS and fibromyalgia have changed my life in many ways, but it hasn't all been negative. I wouldn't be doing or teaching yoga if it hadn't been for MS. And I know that through teaching yoga, I've touched other lives. I may not have done the mental health work necessary to heal from a sometimes messed up childhood if it hadn't been for the cognitive problems I experienced in 2005 and 2006. Am I glad I have MS? NO WAY. But I can honestly say that there have been gifts I would have missed if I was still living the chaotic, fast-paced, sometimes stressful existence I had before these challenges. That's what I focus on when I have a bad day (or week).


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