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I got my first unexplained attack when I was 16 years old and I was a counselor in a camp away from home. I was laid up for a week and then it got better. Thought at the time that it was from moving a car. When I went home it happened all over again. My mother took me to see a doctor and MS was mentioned but never pursued because it wasn't very common then and there wasn't really medication for it out yet. So I went on with life like nothing happened. My balance was bad for years, I was always f fall falling but never thought anything of it, thought it was normal. I had my first child when I was 24 and the only symptom I got was a bad case of vertigo. It wasn't till about 23 months later when I had my second child , that night I came home from the hospital, less than 24 hrs. After I had him that my whole left side of my body started losing feeling. It started with very strong pounding in the left side of my head and worked its way down my body. I went to a doctor a eek later and he sent me for an MRI and then I was diagnosed with MS because they saw alot of lesions ons on my brain

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