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About a year ago, I began experiencing Lhermitte's Sign, which at the time, I didn't know was a symptom. Then about 5 months ago, my balance and coordination got off track. I began falling, and I'm a classroom teacher so I was falling in front of my students. My legs have been numb for 5 months now, and my hands began going numb as well. Being a first year teacher, it was very stressful as it was, then add all of these unknowns...I was going crazy. I finally got a hold of a neurologist, and after many different tests to rule out other things...he finally found lesions in my brain and diagnosed me with MS. It wasn't the diagnosis I wanted, but it's the one I got. I was terrified. A week later, I had a horrible flare up that landed me in the hospital. I was admitted for a month doing physical and occupational therapy, learning to walk again and learning to live a new way. But while I was in the hospital, I held strong to my faith and strong to my positivity. I'm a fighter. Now, I am on summer break, and just trying to learn my new pathways and how to manage the disease.


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